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Activity Planning (Introduction to)

PowerPoint presentation, handouts and learning activities. Suitable for residential care settings for adults.

PowerPoint Presentation – Activity Planning (Introduction to) (28 Slides)

  • Slide Titles: Some Questions to Think About, Introduction, Key to Success, Does Activity Matter?, Inactivity (Physical Changes), Inactivity (Psychological Changes), The Importance of Activity, The Role of a Care Worker, Ordinary Day to Day Experiences, Activity Provision Influencing Factors, Dementia in Context, Dementia (Problems Affecting Activity), Generic Problems Affecting Activity, Activities (Suitability), Enjoyment, Group Activities, Ability Range, Evaluating an Activity, Life History (Know the Person), Making the Life History an Activity, Inclusion, References and Further Information.

Word Documents

  • 11 handouts 4 learning activities

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