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Activity Provision in Dementia Care WORKBOOK

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AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE FROM AMAZON. A knowledge based workbook for health and social care staff working in dementia care. This training workbook will give a basic understanding of activity provision in care settings where service users are affected by dementia. It is assumed that the learner will already have already undertaken dementia awareness training. In addition to a basic awareness of why activity is important, the physical changes that occur when a person does not remain active, the role of the care worker, what constitutes an activity, influencing factors for activity planning, problems that can affect activity, suitability of activities, group and individual activities, you will learn about specific issues concerning activity provision where dementia is a factor. Complete this workbook to demonstrate that you can: 1. Describe what activity is 2. Understand the benefits of activity provision 3. Describe different types of activities in care settings 4. Understand influencing factors and problems for activity planning/provision 5. Assess suitability of activities in care settings

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